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Advanced Sports Analytics

Win2Win examines odds data in real-time and makes recommendations with the highest probability of success.

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Pre-Game Analysis

Our Games feature provides real-time analysis of games prior to kickoff. There are recommendations and other important information to warn against potential pitfalls.

Live Game Analysis

Our Live feature provides Live coverage and analysis of games. There are recommendations and other important information as the game is played Live.

Changing Odds Tracker

Odds posted by operators will continually change during the day. Our WinEx feature will help track all changes that are meaningful with the highest probability of success in outcome.

Parlay Recommendations

Our WinSlips feature will give parlay recommendations to those interested in linking multiple games.

600 +

Total Number of Leagues Analyzed

1,000 +

Total Number of Coaches Analyzed

5,000 +

Total Number of Players Analyzed


2,000 +

Total Number of Predictions per Week

<5 Seconds

Total Time to Analyze a Single Game

67 %

Total Average Prediction Accuracy

User Download Stats

150 +


350,000 +


180,000 +




What People are Saying



Win2Win analyzes odds using artificial intelligence. Win2Win does not allow any human factors involvement.

Win2Win analyzes individually every odds assigned by a bookmaker and examines the historical performance of those odds. Win2Win makes recommendations based on the highest likelihood of success.

Win2Win is far beyond any regular tipster service. Win2Win offers real-time data based upon statistical principles. Win2Win will provide critical clues and caution against potential traps.

Win2Win is not designed to be a simple prediction tool. Our advanced predictive analytics is to help our users better strategize their picks. By utilizing the various different information presented by Win2Win, our users can effectively better assess the game, strategize, and minimize the risk of loss.

Bookmakers analyze vast information when publishing their odds. Sports outcome predictions are made by considering a wide array of information such as standings, injured players, weather conditions, rivalry analysis etc.

Win2Win uses mathematical and statistical computation to analyze the intelligence of odds and determine results based on the highest probability of outcome. While bookmakers analyze internally every detail of a game, Win2Win analyzes the bookmaker and tracks every odds by scenario to assess the highest likelihood of success.

Yes. Win2Win analyzes LIVE games by presenting vital real-time information, statistics, and recommendations for 1st half and 2nd half periods as game conditions change.

Win2Win is not a tipster service operated by human experts.
Win2Win is not a sports betting commentary service by tipsters.
Win2Win is not a parlay tips distribution or sharing service.
Win2Win is not a game commentary system by false participants.

Yes. Win2Win can be used without any registration.

You can cancel your Win2Win registration at anytime by contacting us. Win2Win does no retain any information once an account registration is cancelled. All information on our system is permanently deleted.

You can contact us by [email protected] or selecting the Contact Us menu through the mobile app.